Shadia works primarily in acrylics and collage, but her passion for and creativity with color is the true theme that runs through all of her work.  With her latest collage work, Shadia uses a selection of found papers, tissue papers, and discarded sewing patterns, origami and craft papers. These papers are then painstakingly hand-painted, stained, stamped and stenciled.  Shadia then tears each paper by hand to ‘paint’ over her canvas, resulting in dynamic and colorful pieces with unique pattern and texture.

Art of Shadia, collage, Spring Reverie
Art of Shadia, collage, Spring Reverie
Art of Shadia, collage, Spring Reverie
Spring Reverie, acrylic and paper collage on canvas, 20" x 20" each
Art of Shadia, collage, Summer Tulip
Summer Tulip
Art of Shadia, collage, Bright Skies For Dark Days
Bright Skies For Dark Days I
Art of Shadia, collage, Flashy Koi
Art of Shadia, collage, The Face of Persephone
The Face of Persephone II
Flashy Koi
Jim grogan - April 14 - April 28

Jim Grogan is a Detroit artist noted for his wildlife bird art. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College for Creative Studies in 1993. 

Jim’s favored medium is colored pencils, specializing in high detail and color. He Illustrate his birds with accuracy, but at the same time incorporates a combination of spontaneous linear strokes to make them energetic and life-like, as if the birds could fly off the paper. As a young child, Jim had the opportunity to be surrounded by nature playing in the woods behind his house. Being in this environment gave him the inspiration for his earliest work. In the 5th grade Jim made his first book report on puffins. Today he does most of his observing at Kensington Metropark near Milford, Michigan, where he can see birds in their natural habitat. This gives him the chance to precisely render the birds as they really are. 

Jim’s first display of birds was at the Motor City Brewery where he sold every piece and received three commissions. In 2010 he had a well-received solo show at the Detroit Repertory Theatre under the guidance of Gilda Snowden, his first art instructor at CCS. Jim has also participated in shows at the Grosse Pointe Artists Association, Paint Creek Center of the Arts, Scarab Club, Detroit Public Library, Detroit Artists Market, and in January 2013 held a demonstration at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

My goal is to show the beauty of these magnificent creatures

Jim Grogan, Cedar Waxwings, wildlife artist
Cedar Waxwings
Jim Grogan,Chipping Sparrows, wildlife artist
Chipping Sparrows
Jim Grogan, Great Horned Owl, wildlife artist
Great Horned Owl
Baltimore Oriole
Lucha Libre Masks, acrylic paint on wood with resin
Ken Axelrad

Ken Axelrad has been involved with digital imaging for nearly 20 years. Over time, he has developed a style and technique he calls “photosynthetic art.”  This is an entirely digital process, rather than the copying of a physical work of art.  Pieces are based primarily upon selected portions of multiple digital photographs.  These are placed in up to 30 different semi-transparent layers and are further modified using digital painting and other techniques.  He says, “I became more and more fascinated with what you could do to the photographic image after it had been taken. I began to see a camera not as something that produced a finished product, but something that allowed me to grab visual bits from the environment and later synthesize together these bits to create a new picture.”  The result is a look that is neither photography nor painting.


A former neuropsychologist, Ken’s work is very much influenced by his interest in perception and how perceptions are processed and interpreted. What attracts the eye? What visual cues make us see depth? What makes us perceive motion in a still picture?”  The goal is an uplifting and impactful art that is about life rather than being of life.

Ken Axelrad, 'Magical Matthaei', photosynthetic composition
Magical Matthaei
Ken Axelrad, 'Heat Wave', photosynthetic composition
Heat Wave
Ken Axelrad, 'Enchantment', photosynthetic composition
Ken Axelrad, 'Water Lilies', photosynthetic composition
Water Lilies
Ken Axelrad, 'Rhapsody', photosynthetic composition
Iggy Sumnik

Iggy creates ceramics, sculptures, prints, and more. His technique focuses on texture and balance, and includes an intricacy and depth that permeate his work. Sumnik’s art is aimed at provoking thought about the environmental impact of modern culture. Hand building identifiable objects, life size or larger, connects me to our culture and the natural world.

Manipulating these objects and ideas represents the human tendency to alter our environment. Through the use of pattern, bright color and familiar objects, the artist is able to connect with the past while documenting the present for the future.

2008 Iggy completed a three-year apprenticeship at Jun Kaneko Studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Today he maintains his own studios, showing work, and teaching the art of ceramics to youth in both Omaha and Detroit.


Iggy Sumnik is a multimedia artist working and living in Detroit, Michigan and Omaha, Nebraska.

Splats, ceramic, approx 13.5" x 12.5" each :
Iggy Sumnik, 'Red and Pink Splat', ceramic
Iggy Sumnik, 'Turquoise and Black Splat', ceramic
Turquoise and Black
Red and Pink
Iggy Sumnik, 'Pink and Orange Splat', ceramic
Pink and Orange
Jelly Beans, ceramic, approx 12"x 18" each :
Iggy Sumnik, ceramic jelly bean
Iggy Sumnik, ceramic jelly bean


Rosemarie Hughes

Originally from the Detroit area, Rosemarie has lived and studied in Austin, San Francisco and London.

She received a BFA and MA in photography but her passion for working with textures and a variety of materials   ultimately led to her identifying as a mixed media artist.

Rosemarie currently resides in the Detroit area where she divides her time between her art studio and working as a licensed massage therapist.

These new encaustic works unite her passions for photography and mixed media.

encaustic on barrel staves: Hampton Court Trees, 28" x 5"each :

Rosemarie Hughes, encaustic on barrel stave
Rosemarie Hughes, encaustic on barrel stave

encaustic Houses on wood; 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5":

Rosemarie Hughes, encaustic house
Rosemarie Hughes, encaustic house
Rosemarie Hughes, encaustic house
Judy Munro

Judy Munro

Judy Munro has been involved with art as far back as she can remember. When Judy was in the first years of grade school she drew a picture of a horse in one of her classes, Her teacher showed it to the school principal, who in turn, called her parents to advise them to encourage her artistic ability.

After grade school, Judy was enrolled in the art curriculum at Cass Technical high school. Judy was like a sponge, soaking up all the basics, learning how to “see” and how to draw what was seen. Judy instills Cass Tech with instilling in her fundamentals of color, perspective, figure drawing and art appreciation.

In her senior year at Cass, Judy won a scholarship to attend Pratt Institute in New York, where she completed her first two years of art studies. A family illness drew called her home and she ended up working at a succession of several art-related jobs in the Detroit area.

In 1974, Judy chose to enter the corporate design world, where she spent 33 years in a successful career that culminated in a position as Creative Director for a local corporation. During this time Judy also completed her BFA at Wayne State University in Detroit and attended law school for two years. In 2009, the company Judy was employed with went through a downsizing. The creative functions and management were moved to their New York office and her department was eliminated.

Overnight, Judy found herself with the freedom to make a choice about her future and decided it was time to finally, and seriously, pursue what she had left behind years ago. Currently she is represented by seven galleries in Michigan, Ohio, and Chicago.

Judy Munro, Summer Concert, oil on board
Summer Concert, oil on board, 32" x 24"
Judy Munro, Weekend In The City, oil on board
Weekend In The City, oil on board, 30" x 30"
Judy Munro, 'River Redbuds', oil on wood panel

River Redbuds, oil on board 84" x 26"

Judy Munro, 'Trees By The Lake', oil on wood panel

Judy Munro, Trees By The Lake, oil on board, 32" x 24"

Judy Munro, 'Bank Light', oil on wood panel

Judy Munro, Bank Light, oil on board, 36" x 36"

Judy Munro, 'Walk In The Park', oil on wood panel

Judy Munro, Walk In The Park, oil on board, 32" x 24"

Judy Munro, Zephyrs 159, oil on board
Zephyrs 159, oil on board, 30" x 30"
Cherie Stangis

Cherie Stangis

By day, I am a director of a mental health organization. On nights and weekends I can be found wandering the metro Detroit area or at home in my studio creating mixed media pieces. My art utilizes my photography along with vintage, Michigan themed ephemera, papers and painting.  This look is not achieved via Photoshop but is the result of layering paper to achieve a unique look in each piece. This series at Blossoms Midtown is an ode to the city of Detroit and the beauty to be found there. Despite the toll the economy has taken on the city and citizens of Detroit, new businesses, art communities and a plethora of other exciting activities are creating some wonderful opportunities and changes. My wish is that my pieces project a sense of hope for the future of Detroit.

Cherie Stangis, 'Belle Isle Bench', mixed media on canvas
Cherie Stangis, 'Belle Isle Bridge', mixed media on canvas
Cherie Stangis, 'Belle Isle Conservatory', mixed media on canvas
Cherie Stangis, Detroit
Cherie Stangis, 'Pretty Lady', mixed media on canvas
Cherie Stangis, 'Belle Isle II', mixed media on wood

Cherie Stangis, various mixed media on canvas

Additional Cherie Stangis works available at Blossoming Artists - Blossoms Midtown

Cherie Stangis, 'Detroit Souvenir', mixed media on cigar box

Detroit Souvenir, mixed media on cigar box

Cherie Stangis, 'Detroit View', mixed media on cigar box

Detroit View, mixed media on wood cigar box

Tim Gralewski

Tim Gralewski

In my work I try to create a unique sense of color, form and composition. I find interest in the artistic representation and emotion of everyday life, occurrences and actions. I see my art as a reflection of contemporary life, focused on the positive and emotional impact of the viewer.

The subject matter for my work comes from memories, thoughts and ideas that have affected and influenced my life. I hope to convey this in a universal way that is relatable to the viewer’s own experiences.

My work exists in the fine line between graphic design and fine art. I find inspiration in challenging what we normally consider art and design to be. I am drawn to printmaking for that very reason. It allows me to use the computer to create my work and also allows me a hands-on application to make me more connected with the art.

I am influenced by artists who have also tried to bridge the gap between art and design. Specific influences range from Toulouse Lautrec to Andy Warhol to contemporary artists like Shepard Fairy, Barbara Kruger and Robert Williams. I also draw much inspiration from Robert Rauschenberg who continually crossed media lines in his work and was always questioning what art was and could be.

Tim received a Master’s of Fine Art degree with a concentration in Printmaking from Eastern Michigan University. He teaches graphic design and printmaking at colleges in Detroit and Ann Arbor and lives in Rochester Hills Michigan.

Tim Gralewski, screenprints:
Tim Gralewski, 'Ritual', screen print


Tim Gralewski, 'Renaissance City', screen print

Renaissance City

Tim Gralewski, 'Men of Production', screen print

Men of Production 

Tim Gralewski, screen print, Detroit
Detroit 1
Tim Gralewski, 'Past Noon', screen print

Past Noon

Tim Gralewski, screen print Detroit
A Perfect Game
Tim Gralewski, 'Letters and Numbers', screen print

Letters and Numbers 

Tim Gralewski, 'X Number', screen print

X Number

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